Unlock Soul


Wisdom is like alcohol

Wisdom is like alcohol. Neither can you find it 100% pure, nor can you consume it pure. Like alcohol, it comes mixed. It comes mixed with information. That mixture of information and wisdom is known as knowledge.

Wisdom can be found in someone else’s words. But they themselves did not find it outside somewhere. They found it in themselves. So the best source of wisdom is yourself. Lets go even further- someone else’s words do not contain any wisdom. Rather, they simply point to the wisdom that is already within you! No one can give you any wisdom; you can only find it within you.

What wisdom is, no one can explain, for it is a dimension foreign to words and the mind. One can only give pointers to the listener’s own wisdom.

One can read other’s philosophy and try to find the source of the wisdom. One can meditate to silence the mind- it’s judgement, prejudices, illusions - to find what lies beyond. But if he wants to give it to someone, he’ll have to mix it with information.