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How to reach the goals that we set in life?

When you aim at the sky, you reach at the roof. Why?

So you have a few goals in life. But so does everyone else, and if you look around you will find, that not everyone can reach their goals. Have you ever wondered why is that? Take for instance your own goals: how many have you reached and how many have been delayed for years now? Why is that when you move in the direction of your goals, you often get distracted, sidetracked, or get slowed by dead weights?

Lets take a look at our daily lives: you want complete a project or assignment or have an exam tomorrow, so your priority is prepare for that task. You fire up your laptop, or your notes, but 5 minutes into it and suddenly you get an urge to open facebook or play the game you installed earlier that day, or maybe watch something on youtube. So you open youtube and minutes turn into hours and you end up wasting an hour on it. So the question arrives: are you really the master of yourself? Just how much control do you really have on your own actions? If your control over yourself is so little even on important days, then how do you expect to be successful over the course of years? So the first step to reach your goals is to get better control on yourself. Our goals often lie outside of our comfort zones. We need enough control on ourselves to leave it and pursue our dreams. Now lets discuss how to achieve this control and be successful in life.

To stop your mind from clouding your observations, one needs to quieten the mind. The more quiet the mind, the more are the chances that the observer will notice something that he could never notice before. He could see the object from all perspectives he wants and is not bound by his own thoughts.

The secret to success is in daily life.

The above quote is the holy grail to success. By changing your daily routine and aligning it with your goals, you are taking back control. But take control back from what? That would be your addictions (yes, social media is an addiction), cravings, fears, etc. To start spending more time in your work/study, first you need to clear that time. That is the time that you spend on unproductive things. Observe each unproductive activity individually and try to see it's pointlessness. Create space in your daily life and later fill that space with productive tasks that are in line with your goals.

Take time to reflect on yourself. Take time to analyse your past decisions, find out which decisions worked, what made you happy, what helped you in your personal growth and based on that create a road-map for your future. Introspect and find out all the obstacles, all the distractions and all the dead weights that prevent you from achieving your goals. Solve all of them individually, do not suppress or ignore any of them. Deal with them. Be aware of every task you do. Ask yourself “is this really worth my time?” or “will I regret doing this later on?”. If the answer is no, drop those tasks.

Now some unproductive tasks are necessary or rather crucial and thus, there should be a balance. For example, rest is necessary, but too much rest can be counterproductive. Keep this balance, and then, you can take yourself in the direction of your goals.