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Contradictions and paradoxes

Contradictions are of the mind, and paradoxes are of reality.

A man who is filled with inner contradictions will never be able to drive his life. Our actions contradict each other, our beliefs are inconsistent with each other. Our desires oppose each other. These are our inner contradictions. For instance, short term pleasures will always endanger long term pleasures. Everyone consciously wants long term pleasures, but very few can tolerate the short term discomforts that are necessary. We cannot have both. We must make a choice. Otherwise these contradictions will make our life uncertain and we will go wherever the wind of uncertainty takes us. We will never reach where we want to reach.

Until this is true, our mind is our master. By mind, I mean beliefs, opinions, labels, fears, cravings, etc.

Removing these contradictions is the first step to be free. When the contradictions are removed, the consciousness of man will move towards the limit of thoughts, mind, words. It is the limit arising due to looking at the world through a glass of duality. Duality is the final illusion. Beyond this point is a world of paradoxes. But we cannot reach this point till there are inner contradictions, nor can we see the paradoxes till we near the limit. Seeing the first paradoxes will mean that the limit has arrived.

At this point, the mind must be dropped. For the mind can only see using duality. This does not mean that it will start making sense if the mind is dropped. Making sense is a quality of the mind and duality. Reality does not care if it does not make any sense.