Unlock Soul


Are we puppets?

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' -Carl Jung

There are 2 phenomena that drives us: One is the conscious self or the logical self or the true self, while other is unconsciousness or illogical-ness or the false self.

One consequence of unconsciousness or illogical-ness is religion.The very core of religion is blind belief. Without it, religion will be reduced to philosophy. A logical person can never believe blindly. He can be raised as one. But once he realises that believing in anything that he has not seen/experienced is lying to oneself, he can no longer believe blindly. He can act to believe blindly, but on the inside he will always know the absence of logic.

But if it is his unconsciousness that makes him believe blindly, it means that the logical self of the person is not guilty of it. The person is not aware of his own blind belief otherwise he won't be a blind believer anymore.

If an atheist could communicate with the logical self of a thiest, he should technically be able to make him an atheist. But that happens rarely as the unconsciousness comes in as an obstacle.

Like a puppet, the unconsciousness makes someone follow religion.

Another example is anger. When our voice is raised in anger, seldom are we aware of it. Only when someone points it out, we realise that we were shouting. The unconsciousness takes our control and before we know it, we may end up beating the other person.

If we don't remove this unconsciousness, we will only suffer. But how to remove it?

Once the unconsciousness/illogic is seen by the conscious self, it disappears. Once you see anger is raising, you have a choice to follow it or not. You are no longer its puppet. Once you see you are blindly believing, you can no longer continue to believe blindly.

The only thing the conscious self is needed to overcome unconsciousness is to observe it. If the conscious self of the reader is reading this, I urge him to introspect and remove the bug of the false self. Keep observing yourself and it will start to die. And then you are free.