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How to reach the goals that we set in life?

When you aim at the sky, you reach at the roof. Why?

So you have a few goals in life. But so does everyone else, and if you look around you will find, that not everyone can reach their goals. Have you ever wondered why is that? Take for instance your own goals: how many have you reached and how many have been delayed for years now? Why is that when you move in the direction of your goals, you often get distracted, sidetracked, or get slowed by dead weights?



Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is nothing but unbiased observation, that is: to see everything as it is. Mindfulness meditation is unbiased observation of the mind (thoughts, feelings, senses, etc).

The aim of this meditation is not to stop thinking or forcing the thinking to stop. First of all, accept that a lot of our thoughts arise without our intention. The aim is to allow such thoughts as they come on their own and to be aware of them and observe them without getting involved. Maintaining this distinction between you and your thoughts is paramount. Once a thought ends, stay in the silence until another thought arises, but make sure you do not initiate the next thought.



What identification with the mind really means

If you read spiritual texts or listen to spiritual talks, you might have heard the warnings against getting identified with the mind. But what does it really mean to be identified with the mind?

When a thought arises in us, in some cases, we have a choice whether to follow the thought/emotion or not, but in a lot of cases, we don’t. For instance, if the day is cloudy/rainy, it affects the mood of majority of us. All our actions and decisions on that day are affected by the weather. But, a few of us can see through and probably try to take decisions and actions irrespective of the weather outside.



True Observaion

'The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.' -Da Vinci

True observation means to see (or perceive) the object in its entirety and without any bias. Can we do that? Often we project our own nature on the object of our observation. Our observation then, would not be unbiased or in some cases (where the projection is too much) our observation would tell us more about ourselves instead of the object.



Blind Belief

'The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis.' -Dalai Lama.

Believing in something that you have not understood/experienced is lying to oneself. Blind believer convinces himself that what he believes in is true, even if he has no solid logic to support it. So, blind belief is a lie that you tell yourself. And then, you tell that to your children and train them to lie to themselves and pass it on. It rids you of your inherent curiosity and the ability to think for yourself. Religious people often warn and say: 'Do not doubt!'. This is true for all religions. Almost every religion today has some philosophy and some blind belief in it. These two terms are contradictory and thus one must win. As the conscious are outnumbered hugely by the unconscious, almost always, blind belief wins.



Are we puppets?

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.' -Carl Jung

There are 2 phenomena that drives us: One is the conscious self or the logical self or the true self, while other is unconsciousness or illogical-ness or the false self.


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